South African Cane Spirit

Our quality Blue Top Cane™ produced from the by-products of the sugarcane industry will have you thinking you’re relaxing on an island while drinking it. Our Blue Top Cane™ is enough to energise any party out there. It can also be used in your favourite island style cocktail!

What Is Cane Spirit?

Cane, also known as cachaça, is a distilled, clear spirit and is a cousin of rum.

What To Mix With Cane Spirit

Cane can be mixed with any of your favourite mixers, or cordials, and enjoyed in multiple cocktails.

A Cane Cocktail to Impress

You will need

• 2 x fresh lime
• 3 x tsp sugar
• A double shot of Battlefield Cane
• A tumbler glass
• A flat-based pestle
• Ice

A simple recipe

• Peel the limes, removing as much rind as possible.
• Drop them in the tumbler glass.
• Add the 3 tsp of sugar (or to taste).
• Crush the lime with the pestle, trying to release as much lime juice as possible.
• Add your double shot of Battlefield Cane to the sugar and lime pulp mixture.
• Top it off with some ice, and enjoy the refreshing taste that fills your senses.

If you do not have access to lime, you can replace it with lemon; however, you might have to increase the sugar content to balance the flavours.