Moonshine for Sale in South Africa

What is Moonshine?

Moonshine is a product that gained prominence during the prohibition years in America and specifically Tennessee and Kentucky states. Our moonshine is the initial product that is distilled. It is then aged in barrels to create our whisky selection. Our moonshine is twice distilled to ensure no bad undertones remain.  

Moonshine is a white liquor product and is not aged as is the case with whiskies. It is the wood of the barrel in which whisky is aged that gives it its distinctive colour and taste.  

Moonshine Products

Is Mampoer and Moonshine the Same?

Moonshine is different from “Mampoer” and has a smoother taste without the burning aftertaste, normally found with fruit brandies and mampoer products.

How Can You Drink Moonshine?

Moonshine can be enjoyed in the same way as whisky; neat, or it can be mixed with your favourite mix. It can also be enjoyed as a shooter and a party starter.

Other moonshine mixers include:

  • Coke – You’ll enjoy this if you like mixing coke with whisky.
  • Grapefruit Juice – Something lip-smacking to whet your palate!
  • Ginger Ale – For a spicy, sweet flavour, and a smooth taste, this is a great combination.
  • Lemonade – The moonshine pairs well with the lemonade, and the two balance out each other’s flavours.
  • Iced Tea – If you have a heavy hand with the moonshine, you may drown out the flavour of the iced tea. Try adding 30ml of moonshine for every 90ml of iced tea for a good balance.

Moonshine can be made from corn, malted barley, rye, wheat, or any other grain that can provide soluble sugar. It doesn’t need to be aged in oak or any specific wood.

Fun Moonshine Facts
  • Moonshine is a term that actually refers to illegal activity. The spirit was named moonshine because it was made “illegally” when first distilled.
  • Contrary to popular belief, moonshine was first distilled and named in Britain.
  • When moonshine was distilled in the days of prohibition, not much attention to detail was given to the distillation process. It is rumoured that some used old car radiators and condensers to create moonshine.
  • Moonshine is clear because it is not aged in the same way that whiskey or rum is.
  • The term “bootlegger” is closely connected to moonshine. The smugglers of moonshine were referred to as “bootleggers” because they used to hide the moonshine in their boots.