South African Rum Production

Our Verkenner™ Premium Rum is produced from molasses for a typical rum taste, and then aged after being twice distilled in dark roasted oak barrels for at least three years for that deep smoky rum taste and colour.

Verkenner™ Premium Rum can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or with your favoured mix.

How to Taste Local South African Rum

When trying a rum for the first time, especially a craft rum, you want to get the full experience of it. There are a few ways to ensure that you enjoy it in its entirety.

Drink at Room Temperature

Highly chilled spirits take away from the taste and aroma, so it’s best to drink craft rum at room temperature.

Stay Hydrated During Tasting

A moist palate will allow the flavours of the rum to really shine through. Sip some filtered water in between sips to fully appreciate the essence of the rum; plus, it will keep you hydrated throughout the tasting process.

Sip Twice

The first sip at a rum tasting will prepare your tastebuds and allow them to acclimate. The second sip will have the true effect on the senses, and allow your tastebuds to experience all the different flavours that the rum has to offer.

South African Rum Categories

Rum comes in many classifications, namely:

  • White or clear rum – these are popular in cocktails
  • Gold or spiced rum – these are great to use in baking and desserts
  • Dark or black rum – these are typically aged in oak barrels for extended periods
Fun Rum Facts
  • Rum even has its own commemorative day in the United States. Rum Day is celebrated on the 16th of August!
  • Rum has been discovered to be the oldest spirit in the world, being the first spirit that was drunk for pleasure and not used for medical practices.
  • Rum was first distilled on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean.
  • It was once believed that rum could prevent sailors from developing scurvy; because of this, sailors use to receive rations of rum.
  • A well-known nautical term is based on rum. “Splice the mainbrace” means to have another sip of rum and is still used today.
  • In the 1800’s there was a myth that rum would prevent hair loss. This caused many people to wash their hair with rum.