Our Whisky Distillery in South Africa

As one of South Africa’s unique local whisky distilleries, we are proud to offer our clients two different homemade premium whiskies.

Our Corngold® whisky is made in the Tennessee tradition from maize on open fires, and filtered through charcoal produced from local woods in the area. The whisky is twice distilled before it is aged for at least three years in roasted 4th fill oak barrels from the red wine industry.

Our whisky is produced on a small batch basis. We don’t alter our unique tasting whiskies with blending, additives, or additional other whiskies. Corngold® can be described as a single grain, unblended, craft whisky filtered and aged to ensure a smooth product with mellow and smoky tones.

Veldslag® Premium Whisky is our flagship whisky and is produced in a similar fashion, but is aged in port barrels at a 70% alcohol percentage for a unique taste.

South African Whisky Tasting Done Right

As an expert whisky distillery, we understand that whisky is more than a beverage – it’s an experience. We attend events where we offer audiences of various sizes an opportunity to experience and taste our whisky.

 We recommend a few tips to properly enjoy your whisky tasting!

Use a proper whisky glass

All the aspects of the whisky should be brought out with the right glass. Our team uses the correct glasses that work well for swirling the whisky, with a narrow rim to concentrate the aromas. We don’t recommend using other glasses when tasting whiskies.

Enjoy it visually

Most novice whisky tasters jump straight into the nose and taste, but oftentimes forget to enjoy the colour of the whisky. You can tell a lot about a whisky by the colour; generally, the darker the colour, the more concentrated the flavour.

Nose it properly

Nosing whisky is different from nosing wine, in that it should be done more gently and not as deeply. Some whisky drinkers inhale the whisky with their mouths slightly open. It can also be nosed starting from a distance and moved gradually closer to the face as the aromas introduce themselves.

Savour the aftertaste

Once you’ve had your sip, and have swallowed, allow the flavours to slowly fade away. In other words, don’t rush into your next sip. You’ll enjoy the flavours better this way and detect the notes better.