Limited Black Friday Specials

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Date Product Discount Coupon Code
1-Dec Melkt TD 1L 5% bddv-D1
2-Dec Melkt TD 1L 10% bddv-D2
3-Dec Melkt TD 1L 15% bddv-D3
4-Dec Verkenner Rum 10% bddv-D4
5-Dec Verkenner Rum 15% bddv-D5
6-Dec Verkenner Rum 20% bddv-D6
7-Dec Veldslag Whisky 5% bddv-D7
8-Dec Veldslag Whisky 10% bddv-D8
9-Dec Veldslag Whisky 15% bddv-D9
10-Dec Melkt CF 1L 10% bddv-D10
11-Dec Melkt CF 1L 15% bddv-D11
12-Dec Melkt CF 1L 20% bddv-D12
13-Dec Corngold 750ml 10% bddv-D13
14-Dec Corngold 750ml 15% bddv-D14
15-Dec Corngold 750ml 20% bddv-D15
16-Dec Veldslag Whisky 10% bddv-D16
17-Dec Veldslag Whisky 15% bddv-D17
18-Dec Veldslag Whisky 20% bddv-D18
19-Dec Melkt CF 1L 10% bddv-D19
20-Dec Melkt CF 1L 15% bddv-D20
21-Dec Melkt CF 1L 20% bddv-D21
22-Dec Corngold 1L 5% bddv-D22
23-Dec Corngold 1L 10% bddv-D23
24-Dec Corngold 1L 15% bddv-D24
25-Dec Verkenner Rum 5% bddv-D25
26-Dec Verkenner Rum 10% bddv-D26
27-Dec Verkenner Rum 15% bddv-D27
28-Dec Melkt CF 1L 10% bddv-D28
29-Dec Melkt CF 1L 15% bddv-D29
30-Dec Melkt CF 1L 20% bddv-D30
31-Dec Melkt CF 1L 25% bddv-D31



Farm Rietput 131,

Herbert Distrik, Kimberley, 8300

PO Box 4411 Rietvalleirand, 0174

Pick up point

Route 21 Corporate park,

67 Regency drive,

Unit 2 ,

0157 Irene

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18